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Call for Artists

Storytellers ~ Animators ~ Illustrators

Call for Artists Storytellers




We are always looking for Indigenous Storytellers...​ Your voice will be archived at your Tribes Cultural Preservation Office and made available to all tribal members in multiple digital and written formats.  This keeps the ancient stories alive for the 'YOUNG ONES'.


You will be a part of a very important mission and your voice will be preserved in high resolution audio for generations to come...Truly a Great Honor...


Help keep our culture's stories alive by participating in this important historical preservation project.




Call for Artists Animators
We are seeking Native Animators to join us on this historic journey in sharing the gift of ancient stories with the children of all Tribal Nations.​

Listen to the stories and create story boards for the animated DVD. Then put your talent to work creating animation to the provided soundtrack...
Your works will be cherished for generations to come...archived in HD-DVD accompanying the Elders' Voice of Sacred Wisdom.

"This is for our childrens grandchildren..."

Call for Artists Illustrators


Do you love to capture a moment in a sketch?  Your work will be featured on everything from CD and DVD covers​ to Audio Books, coloring books, and promotional materials.  You are a valuable asset to our presence and your work will touch the hearts of many generations...


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