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Our Mission

Indigenous Archives is a mobile multimedia recording and video production studio whose mission is to archive and preserve Native Peoples' Stories, Songs, Language, Prayers, and Wisdom for future generations.  


Traveling across the country to Native Pueblos, Reservations, and the Pow-Wow Trail, Indigenous Archives documents the voice of Elders, Storytellers, and Sacred Songs from ALL Indigenous Nations. The tradition of passing down the legends, sacred stories, and songs of the Tribal Nations is sadly diminishing rapidly.  

'We feel it is our mission to preserve these voices for future generations to come.' 

  'We must document and preserve this important and historical treasure of wisdom. We have lost enough over time...This is for the children's grandchildren...It is their birthright....'


All works produced by Indigenous Archives at Tribes, Pueblos, or Reservations, will be available to Tribal members through their Tribe's Cultural Preservation Office in multiple formats

(CD, DVD, mp3, audiobooks, and coloring books).


Stories and songs that are considered sacred will not be available for public distribution but will be maintained in our archive, and distributed according to the approval of the Tribal Elders themselves.  Most of these stories will be recorded in the Tribal language and then translated and recorded into English.


The stories and songs that are approved by the Tribal Elders for public distribution will be available directly through our website These works will also be compiled into CD and DVD formats, packaged for distribution, and or uploaded to our global streaming platforms.  

Royalties will be paid to each participating Tribe directly through our

Record Label/Publishing and Distribution Company

@ IndigenouSounDesign, a division of Indigenous Archives.














Join Our Team
Ken Estrada Founder CEO
Ken Estrada founder / producer

This project is very close to my heart...22 years ago I recorded my Grandfather's life story...intended as a family archive, it was transcribed to book format.  Years after his passing, I mastered these stories onto a CD...The gift of hearing my Grandfathers voice anytime is truly a blessing I believe all people should have the opportunity to realize.

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